Working with a network of industry leading solution providers, we get to know you and your ministry and tailor the most relevant and effective suite of capabilities that will save you both time and money.

Our Network


In your ministry, administration is a necessary but not dominant feature.  In fact, it can take valuable time and energy from your core passion and expertise. ACN provides a consultative approach to helping your organization excel in efficiency.

In addition to working with our consultation gurus you get to tap into a network of movement makers just like you through networking and collaboration with our ACN Community.

ACN Organizational Solutions

We've worked hard to partner with the best companies in the non-profit world to create an unprecedented opportunity to streamline the efficiency and reach of your  organization. When you belong to ACN not only do you get significant discounts from each of these companies, but we work with you personally to discover which ones best suit your unique situation.

Primary Partners (membership required)

We intentionally don't share ALL the companies we have partnered with to help you. It can be a bit overwhelming! The following is a sample to give you an understanding of the caliber of companies with which we work. As an ACN member we will work directly with you to tailor fit solutions from our broader list of partners.


Church Management Software

We believe church leadership and structure is necessary and a good thing, so we encourage leadership-driven systems and processes. We also believe that community between church leaders and congregants is vital, so we provide highly distributive church management software to facilitate connectedness, communication, and insight.


Web Development

Get $150 towards your annual membership and 2 months free when you choose to update your website with Ekklesia 360.


Donor Management

Get 25% off your monthly subscription.  With unlimited users, unlimited donations, smart tags, multiple names, donation splits, online donations, Quickbooks™ integration, MailChimp integration, and lots more. We make you look good.

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Comprehensive Background Checks

Protect My Ministry can help you fill the gaps in your risk management strategy. With thousands of ministries served across all fifty states we are committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission.


Church Presentation Software

3 Months FREE…..With Proclaim, you can quickly format lyrics into beautiful slides, run the entire church service from your mobile device, and make last-minute changes with ease. Proclaim runs great offline, and if you have Internet at your venue, you can use Proclaim Signals to send Scripture, announcements, and more to your congregation’s mobile devices. Proclaim makes your service a breeze.

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Mobile App Development

Offering a 25% discount on set-up fees, the Aware Platform allows you to launch and manage a multi-channel digital footprint that will engage your community like never before.

Affiliate Partners (no membership required)


True Fund Accounting and Donor Relations

CPA Practice Advisor called it, “an excellent choice” for nonprofits. Using all of the benefits of Cloud technology, Aplos Software presents fund accounting and donor relations in a simple, online format so that accountants and non-accountants alike can perform true fund accounting.



Simple Online Donations & Event Registrations

Set up online donations and event registration forms with flat rates of 3% for credit and 1% for e-checks….all without leaving your website. NO MONTHLY FEES – NO TRANSACTION FEES


Healtchcare Discount

Healthcare costs and out-of-pocket expenses are skyrocketing! Tired of paying more and getting less? Now you can get benefits that make a real difference, saving you time and money.  Quality, affordable healthcare, anytime, anywhere.  Great for you and your family.  Perfect for businesses to help your employees.


Web Hosting

Enjoy a powerful hosting solution at a price you can afford. Exclusive technology gives you genuine performance, outstanding reliability, and advanced functionality. And you can seamlessly upgrade to more powerful servers as you grow.

The Rocket Company

Church Leadership Resources

We are proud to welcome The Rocket Company as a vendor providing exceptional resources for churches and nonprofits.  Develop your staff, your organization and your revenue through their resources and services.


Church Management Software

The world's easiest web-based church management software
for small and mid-sized churches.



Web Hosting

Web hosting is our craft. Latest speed technologies are our passion. Unique security solutions are our specialty. Amazing technical support is our pride.


Online Donations was born with mobile first. From text-to-give to our mobile app, everything has been built to be used by the mobile generation because over 221 million people in the US have smartphones and over 20% of Americans use their smartphone at church!


A Word About Affiliate Partners

Many of our free partners are affiliates of ACN. That means we are able to gain revenue from you sourcing these options. Some are more than others, but in the end it helps keep our membership dues really low.

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